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Recent Advances in Cryptology

What is cryptology? If might sound complicated, but it is something that you have probably applied. It could be through going incognito on the search engine or interaction with VPN incognito. By definition, cryptology refers to the study involved with techniques used in securing communication in the process of adversaries, which are also referred to as third parties.

It is merely a set of methods which are used to bar the public from getting access to private messages. As it would be expected of technology, cryptology has advanced and evolved over the past years to become what it is today.  The following are some of the most recent developments made in cryptology.

Transport Layer Security (1.3)

One of the major developments that the cryptology world boasts is the Transport Layer Security version 1.3.  It is also worth noting that it is one of the most used security protocols when it comes to the internet. It is abbreviated as TLS 1.3. On what applications is this protocol used? We are talking about Chrome, Firefox and even Opera. Is starting to sound familiar? Well, you are using it at the moment.

As you may expect it to be, it is an upgrade from TLS version 1.2. While it might seem like a minor upgrade. The results are impressive. For one, it is a high-speed protocol that has been seen to reduce significantly the number of round-trips that data needs to take before it is sent. More so, it has also decreased latency and as a result, made the webpages load at a faster rate.

Post-quantum cryptography

The cryptography community is working day and night to see to it that there is a transition from the current algorithms to post-quantum cryptography. This has seen a change in the size of encryption keys and signatures used, the time taken to encrypt and decrypt data and also the amount of traffic a wire is expected to handle to encrypt or decrypt information.

All the efforts and developments are geared towards increasing the security of the data of the users.