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Asia Crypto Week 2019: All You Need To Know About This Event

Asia has sealed its position as one of the most important centers for blockchain and cryptocurrency innovation. This has been enhanced by the mixture of friendly policies in addition to the unique technology platforms. This continent has openly welcomed blockchain as such nations lead it as Singapore and Japan.

However, it has been noticed that other significant powerhouses such as India and China have decided to take a stance which seems warmer as far as disruptive technology is concerned. In the recent past, Asia has been named as an educational center for cryptocurrencies with the latest example of such events is the past Asia crypto week that took place between the 11th and the 17th of March 2019 which was hosted by Hong Kong. It showed the growing support of Asia for the crypto.

With lots of arranged events as well as significant networking opportunities, the Asia crypto week promises to be an essential opportunity for all the enthusiasts and industry leaders. Therefore, for one to get the most out of this event, knowing what happened is paramount. It is also wise to understand how all the activities of the game can help you.

What Asia Crypto Week 2019 Meant

Asia crypto week 20919 is a developer-oriented week which entails independently planned educational activities that are hosted by Hong Kong. This event is conducted with the sole aim of encouraging mass blockchain adoption as well as the adoption of crypto. The game does this by trying to raise awareness through the provision of the first-hand access to this industry.

This week has lots of events which are planned and conducted ranging from the smaller but more valuable activities to bigger and more significant ones.  Most of the opportunities which are presented during this week involve networking and educational opportunities which are very vital for the crypto traders and minors both in Asia and around the world.

The event tried to showcase slate of the caliber of various individuals in the blockchain industry both within Hong Kong and even in the media. Some of the major players in this event were organizations like the InvestHK, the European blockchain association, the York University, and the Asia Israel blockchain association.  It also involved publications such as Bloomberg, Forbes, the wall street journal, as well as the financial times.

The Main Event in the Asia Crypto Week 2019

Asia crypto week which was headlined as token 2049 took place in March beginning 13th and featured more than 1000 speakers coming from over 50 nations. This conference was seen to dive in the token economy and its recent developments and evolutions.

Again, it forecast the future occurrences of the token economy hence giving a clear insight concerning what might happen in the industry in the coming years. The token 2049 to which this event was headlined is known to be very heavy on the star power. It features addresses from a variety of the most significant and hottest stakeholders in the blockchain. This event featured a persuasive speech from bitcoin creator called Charlie Lee, the founder, and CEO of TRON, Justin sun.

Other individuals who presented their statements included the Cardano’s Charles Hoskinson and the founding partner of first ventures, Dovey wan.  This event, therefore, was one of the ways to drive further the crypto world and take it to the next vital level.

Other Activities during the Week

Other than the token 2049, there were several other events which took place in the Asia crypto week. The most significant event during this week was that which provided discussions on cryptocurrencies as well as the future of the stable coins.

This event, which was hosted by TenX tended to cover lots of ideas concerning financial inclusion to make cryptocurrencies spendable. It was also to create open protocols as well as standards to integrate blockchains. Similarly, it created the opportunity of screening the cryptopia documentary that tries to explore bitcoin, blockchain about how these activities assist in shaping the future of the internet.

There was also an event held during this week by the security token offerings to introduce new entrants into the business. For this event, there was a couple of panel discussions to help the people interested in blockchain technology, trading, and mining to have all it requires of them to get into this business. The studies included lots of speakers who were from the most significant firms in the blockchain industry.


In summation, the Asia crypto week 2019 has been singled out to be one of the most significant and the most prominent crypto events ever seen on earth. The investors were able to learn many things concerning cryptocurrencies, including the emerging trends, as well as network with newly introduced ad exiting projects in the sector.